Sunday, November 25, 2018

Consumer Fear After the 'Leak' on Android

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In a variety of devices, security is a very important role in improving their performance. In addition, security reasons also become a major consideration for customers to choose a device. Can you imagine what would happen if security is experiencing weakness whereas companiy of such device is a reputable one and widely recognized for its security level, for example Android.

Android is known as the latest patch for the data-leak ClientLogin API and even DRM-related block devices using the Android rooted to protect copyright holders through a YouTube movie rentals. Before the Senate, Google and Apple (AAPL) was asked to hold both the OS operator which is responsible for collecting consumer data and using them. Therefore, be concerned about this increase number and the consumers had questioned the safety of their privacy. Of course, customers seek the truth about the news that otherwise still becomes maze.

Mobile security company anticipates consumer concerns by issuing a statement called Lookout Mobile Security. Its co-founder Kevin Mahaffey said, "You do not have to be a security expert," and suggested for the customer to not too soon affected by the news that is circulated widely prior to getting the truth or evidence from relevant parties. The mobile security companies have also been thinking about future plans to improve security by far better.

This is of course a concern and a lesson for other mobile security companies like Zenprise. Zenprise is a company that provides server management and security for companies, which apply early lessons into the mobile world as well. Zenprise launched the Secure Mobile Gateway combines the shop today and business applications, white and black-list of capabilities and networks "checkpoint" for business. It is considered safer and has less chance for leakage security and to protect themselves from malware or other potential threats.


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