Friday, December 07, 2018

Mobile Phone Saves Potential Dangers For Your Children

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The more modern era in this time is signed through the rapid advanced of technology products. among all of the advanced of technologies, the communication technology becomes one of the most advanced technologies through the rapid growth of some its products especially through the advance of mobile phone. More than just for being used as the voice and messaging communication only, mobile ohone now has more features to amuse its users. But, behind its greatness, this device surprisingly is also able to lead some bad things for you, especially for your children.

Some Bad Effects Of Using Too Often Mobile Phone For Your Children

As what being mentioned before, the use of mobile phone in this era is not being limited for voice and short message communication only, but, most mobile phone products recently is also being completed by internet connection and some other multimedia features which are ensured you to be amused. This fact leads the use of mobile phone is not being limited for the adult, but, it starts to attempt children to use it also. Adult may be able to use it wisely, but, the different thing will be experienced by children since of their lack of knowledge and maturity in using it. So, there will be some dangers that can be experienced by you children in using modern mobile phone.

First, the use of mobile phone too often especially in enjoying multimedia contents such as playing game and watching movie is able to lead some health problems on them, especially for the health of their eyes. In addition, the use of mobile phone in children is potentially able to lead them gets lazier in doing something and makes them tend to use phone more than for studying. Finally, the internet features in modern phone recently is able to make them ease in accessing inappropriate contents such as pornography and violence which are very bad for their growth. So, as a wise parent a recommended thing that you can do to avoid those bad effects is by monitor them through mobistelath.


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